Technical analysis indicators used for automated trading.

Combine the opinions of your indicators into an automated trading signal

Traders need to have a good view of the combined opinion of their technical analysis indicators. Once several indicators have been added to the in or below the master chart, it becomes difficult for the trader to monitor his indicators and derive their combined opinion. The NanoTrader does this task for the trader by constantly deriving a combined opinion and colouring the chart background. And ... the Tactic Orders function allows traders to create automatic orders based on their indicators ... without coding or programming.

Technical analysis: indicators give trading signals.

The advantages are ...

  • The trader constantly sees the combined opinion of his indicators.
  • The main chart is not cluttered by technical indicators.
  • The combined opinion can be used to generate orders automatically.
  • No programming is required.

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Technical indicator opinions

NanoTrader offers the trader access to over 200 technical indicators. Unique to the NanoTrader is that the trader can combine indicators in different timeframes (aggregated indicators). In this example the trader added three indicators. The bullish (green), bearish (red) or neutral (white) opinion of the indicator is visible in its chart background. The market chart at the top shows their combined opinion: all indicators are bullish (green), all indicators are bearish (red) and some are bearish, some are bullish (white). This is much easier to interpret.

Daily market heatmap charts for day traders.

This is the same chart as above but with the indicators not visible and only the combined opinion visible. This chart is very easy to interpret without the clutter of the indicators visible.

Automated trading signal based on my indicators.

Converting indicator opinions into orders

The Tactic Orders function allows traders to convert the opinion(s) of their technical indicator(s) into orders. This can be done without programming.

Automated trading based on technical indicators.

This example shows a trader using two of his three indicators to generate an order. He as opted for ‘unanimity’ in is indicators’ opinions and asks for a report to confirm a preformatted order. The trader accepts buy and short sell orders.