Best trading platform functionalities

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New functionalities are added every month. Different traders have different preferences but most of the below are popular with all traders. Besides the functionalities below, the one-click order functionalities are also very popular.

Free trading strategies and signals

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The NanoTrader platform contains more than 80 trading strategies and signals. These strategies and signals can be used for FREE.

Several of the strategies have been designed by well-known traders.

See all trading strategies.
An example and a video of a trading strategy.

See all trading signals.
An example and a video of a trading signal.

Client proposals

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Client proposals are quickly integrated in the platform. More than 30 proposals are available. All are located in the same folder. This allows traders to try tools and indicators, which other traders use. Four examples:

The benefits of client proposals:

  • FREE.
  • See what other traders do.
  • Reliable programming done for you.
  • Use tools tested by other traders.
  • Propose your own tools.

See all client proposals.

The trading store

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Many experienced traders provide their videos, tools,  and trading strategies via the trading store. Some items are FREE others are paying. For example:

Some names you may know Birger Schäfermeier, Michael Voigt, Eric Lefort, Rene Wolfram, Tobias Heitkötter, Erdal Cene and Wim Lievens.

Visit the trading store.

Watch this video: Trading tools.

Buy and sell zones

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Once several indicators have been added to a chart, it is not always easy to instantly evaluate their combined opinion.

The combined opinion of the indicators is shown in the main chart. Green: all indicators are bullish. Red: all indicators are bearish. White: some indicators are bullish, some indicators are bearish.

Read more about this popular platform feature.

Free permanent demo

Every client gets a free permanent demo account. When placing an order the trader selects his real account or his demo account. The demo can be used to get used to the platform, test strategies and try new ideas.

Advanced charting

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The charting and technical analysis on the NanoTrader platform is breathtaking. But the platform goes beyond charting by allowing traders to use their own technical analysis for automated trading. Traders can, for example, place a stop order which follows their trend-line.

Watch this video: Advanced charting.

Automated trend drawing

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The zigzag drawing tools are used in several famous trading strategies (markttechnik, Dow theory...). The benefits of these drawing tools are:

  • FREE.
  • Automated drawing.
  • Draw quickly, without error.
  • Implement famous strategies.
  • Use the tool in your own strategies.
More information and videos about automated trend drawing.


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

LiveStatistics allows traders to define an event or pattern based on several parameters. The tool identifies in real-time how many times similar events occurred in the past. These past events are analyzed. Based on how the market price evolved after the events, projections for the current market price are shown in the chart.

Read the LiveStatistics guide.

Watch these videos: LiveStatistics 1 and LiveStatistics 2.

Tactic Orders

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The Tactic Orders tool is an easy method to trade (semi-)automatically. Tactic Orders is particularly suitable for traders who use a lot of technical indicators. The trader simply clicks to define clear instructions. For example: "buy or short sell if all my indicators are bullish or bearish" or "buy orders only and only when the majority of my indicators is bullish". Trend-lines can also be used as part of the instructions. The orders can be placed automatically or after confirmation by the trader.

Video: Automated trading with Tactic Orders.