Chart patterns

  • All chart patterns are available in both the NanoTrader Free and the NanoTrader Full trading platform.
  • All chart patterns are free.
  • Some of the chart patterns are also available as screeners, signals or strategies.


Trader patterns Also availabe as a ready-to-use ...
Red-White-Red – Philipp Kahler New in the NanoTrader trading platform. screener, signal, strategy
1-2-3-4 – Jeff Cooper screener, signal, strategy
Hammer Blast – Stefan Salomon screener, signal, strategy
Hikkake – Daniel Chesler screener, signal, strategy
One Day Reversal – Jesse Livermore screener, signal, strategy
Gap Reversal – David Pieper screener, signal, strategy
Market Structure Points screener, signal
Inside bar break-out screener, signal, strategy

Candlestick patterns Also available as a ready-to-use ...
Bullish Engulfing screener, signal, strategy
Bearish Engulfing screener, signal, strategy


What is the difference between a chart pattern, a screener, a trading signal and a trading strategy?

A patterns appears automatically in the chart. You can manually place an order when the pattern occurs. A screener is used to detect a pattern in a selection of markets. A signal can be used to automatically or manually open a position. You can then manage the position by adding stops and targets. Strategies are complete with stops and targets. They can be traded manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

When a chart pattern appears, is it always an opportunity to open a position?

No. Detecting a pattern is the first step, putting the pattern in the right context and trading it is the next step. This is where the NanoTrader excels and makes it easy for you. Examples are given on the web pages which explain the chart patterns.

Where do I find the chart patterns in the NanoTrader?

In the NanoTrader you can find the charts patterns in the WHS Patterns folder:

Chart patterns in the NanoTrader trading platform.