Markttechnik... Michael Voigt's package


The Markttechnik package has been programmed for the NanoTrader by the famous trader Michael Voigt . His book, Das große Buch der Markttechnik, is since many years the bestselling German book on trading. The Markttechnik package is particularly suitable for active investors who trade according to Markttechnik principles. Those who have read Das große Buch der Markttechnik or any of the books from the Der Händler series will recognize all Michael Voigt's trading principles in the package.

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The package in detail

Michael Voigt has integrated all the following tools in his Markttechnik package:

- Automated determination of the trend (his Points 1,2,3 ...)

- Visualization of trend combinations (trends in different time frames) and trend spans

- Automated recognition of and visualization of reversal bars

- Automated recognition and visualization of inside and outside bars

- Application of these features in charts of all time frames

The package can be used for all financial instruments (indices, forex, commodities ...) and in all time frames.

This example shows the different automated trend lines. The package offers a choice of 4 different trend spans. All trend spans can be adapted by the user on the screen. For each trend zigzag Michael Voigt's Points 1, 2, 3 ... are clearly indicated.

This example shows relevant combinations of outside and inside bars. These types of bars are crucial in Michael Voigt's trading approach.

This example shows Michael Voigt's reversals bars, integrated in the trend.

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Practical implementation

If you are not yet familiar with the NanoTrader Full please visit the quick start page.

Getting started

Activate the tools you wish to use. Right-click in your account the instrument you wish to trade and select the relevant tool in the M. Voigt folder.

Tools which provide, for example, automated stop and target orders when a position is opened, require you activate the TradeGuard beforehand. This can be done via the button in the chart:

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